Andrey P.

Hello, I’m Andrey Posnov

I have 15+ years of software development experience, seven of them in Mobile Dev. I started as a freelancer in webdev in 2003, and eventually became a full stack web developer to 2012. In January 2014 I started my own company (digital agency), we were web apps developming. And at the end of 2017, I went into mobile development as an individual developer.
I have been working in mobile dev since 2013 and have never given it up. I have been working on my pet projects that are still available in the appstore, it was my hobby, and I loved doing it and studying this area in my spare time. Now I can do it every day, and this is my passion, I study this area deeper and deeper and learn a lot of interesting things and even share my knowledge on YouTube and in articles. In 2019 i worked as a teacher at the faculty of iOS dev @ Geekbrains (MAIL.RU). I have some pet projects in Appstore, Github with code examples, youtube channel(Ru), website, and I sometimes write on habrahbar(Ru). MORE DETAILS AND FULL STORY ABOUT ME IN CV

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About Me



I am Andrey Posnov, senior software engineer (iOS) from Moscow, Russia.

Name: Andrey Posnov

Birthday: 29 November, 1989

Location: Moscow, RU

Email: hello@aposnov.dev

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My skills

I have more than 15 years of web development experience – since 2003 (This is my first web-site (lol) link at webarchive.org).
And almost 5 years of mobile development for iOS (this is more interesting for me now).










Live projects in Appstore


Cup of capuccino with coconut milk


Happy customers in freelance


Certified professional



Mobile applications for iOS platform.


Mobile applications for iOS platform.


Mobile applications and web-projects (php). *nix servers.


Development Api for mobile applications (Server side).


Promotion mobile applications Appstore & Google Play.


Customers and novice developers.

Experience (17 years)

04.2020 - present.

Senior Mobile Engineer

Matilock inc., getmati.com, San-Francisco, USA. I am working on a mobile SDK that companies can implement in their products to make customer verification simple and fast. KYC (Know Your Customer), With Mati, there's no need to work with 15 different providers to truly verify your users. From email verification to government databases, biometrics checks or watchlists, run everything through Mati and get to know who your users really are.

10.2019 - 05.2020
7 months

Senior Software Engineer iOS

AVTOPASS, OOO., avtopass.net, Moscow, Russia. I participated in the development of a mobile app from scratch that allows people to track the current location of buses, follow the schedule at stops, buy season tickets, top up their wallet, and pay for travel via a QR code.

06.2017 - 10.2019
2 years 4 months

Software Engineer iOS

Independent & Contract iOS Development, Contract project development, short-term contract hiring.

01.2014 - 01.2018
4 years

CO-Founder, CEO

IDF COMPANY, idfc.ru, Moscow, Russia. Development of sites, enterprise portals, web applications and iOS/Android apps.

01.2013 - 01.2014
1 year

Software Engineer PHP

Studiobit, studiobit.ru, Moscow, Russia. Development/Support of web-sites and enterprise portals on CMS 1C-Bitrix/Bitrix24. Integration with 1C system.

01.2003 - 01.2014
11 years

Software Engineer HTML/CSS/PHP (remote)

Freelance. Development/Support of web-sites.

Bachelor of engineering

Rosnou, Moscow, Russia. Information systems and computer technologies.

Vocational education

MGGPK, Moscow, Russia. Automated information processing and control systems.

Portfolio (Appstore)

  • All Projects
  • Ecommerce
  • Transport
  • Network
  • Entertainment
  • Drink, Food
  • Utilites


Sketch, Figma, Zeplin
C, C++, Objective-C

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