Andrey P.

Hello, I’m Andrey Posnov

I have 15+ years of software development experience,10 of them as fullstack web developer, 7 of them as mobile developer and 4 of them as CEO in my own startup digital studio (closed in 2018). Sometimes these roles intersected. I've always been interested in different areas, but for the last 5 years I've been passionate about mobile development. I have about 16 projects in Appstore, GitHub with code examples, youtube channel(in Russian language), website, and sometimes i write articles in http://habr.com (~70k summary views for articles).

My current languages: Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective-C
My current platforms: iOS, Android
My current tools/libraries: Xcode, Git, CocoaPods, GitLab, Firebase, Crashlytics, GitHub, Mixpanel, Crashlytics, Android Studio, Gradle, OkHttp, Bintray, Glide, Gson, App Store Connect, TestFlight, MS Appcenter, Google developer console, Bitrise, Fastlane, Slack, Jira, Notion, Confluence, Telegram, Diawi, YouTrack, Charles, Postman, SwiftLint, R.swift, Figma/Sketch/Zeplin, Amplitude, Apsflyer

My past languages: Delphi, HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, C++
My past platforms: WEB
My past tools: Joomla, Bitrix, Laravel, 1C, phpnuke, 1C-Bitrix, Bitrix24, RESTful, Axure, Basecamp, Photoshop, ipbforum, phpbb, OpenVZ, KVM, Zabbix, WordPress, Proxmox, ISP, JQuery, Django, Trello
Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SOLID, CI/CD/CL, OOP

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About Me



I am Andrey Posnov, senior software engineer (iOS) from Moscow, Russia.

Name: Andrey Posnov

Birthday: 29 November, 1989

Location: Moscow, RU

Email: hello@aposnov.dev

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My skills

I have more than 15 years of web development experience – since 2003 (This is my first web-site (lol) link at webarchive.org).
And almost 5 years of mobile development for iOS (this is more interesting for me now).





PHP, Kotlin


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java



Live projects in Appstore


Cup of capuccino with coconut milk


Happy customers in freelance


Certified professional



Mobile applications for iOS platform.


Mobile applications for iOS platform.


Mobile applications and web-projects (php). *nix servers.


Development Api for mobile applications (Server side).


Promotion mobile applications Appstore & Google Play.


Customers and novice developers.

Experience (17 years)

04.2020 - present.

Senior Mobile Engineer

Matilock inc., getmati.com, San-Francisco, USA. I am working on mobile SDKs for native iOS and Android platforms and supporting plugins for cross-platform frameworks such as Cordova/Ionic and React Native, that companies can implement into their products to make customer verification simple and fast.
– Android (Java, Kotlin, JFrog: Bintray), iOS (Swift, Objective-C, Cocoapods)

10.2019 - 05.2020
7 months

Senior Software Engineer iOS

AVTOPASS, OOO., avtopass.net, Moscow, Russia. I was working on a mobile app "Volga" for iOS platform with using Swift from scratch that allows peoples to buy bus tickets with scanning QR code in the bus and pay for a ticket with an Apple Pay or by personal account.

– Yandex mapkit with moving points (buses) that updated in real time on map
– Developed a completely new transport app in just 3 months, which today I use 10K people a day.
– Built CI/CD system from scratch which allowed improve the quality of apps up to 90% than before and deliver new demos pretty fast way. (Bitrise, Fastlane, Diawi and Telegram).
– Implemented into apps R.Swift and Swiftlint. It made supporting and adding new features more simple, and decrease time to find the problem at 50%. – Implemented UI animations with blurry background with cardview by swipe up and movable element background. Pixelperfect shadows, colors, gradients in tableviews, collectionviews

06.2017 - 10.2019
2 years 4 months

Software Engineer iOS

I was working as an independent developer by contracts mostly in iOS Development. For 2,5 years I was able to create several good apps.

– I integrated into apps services of analytics in applications (firebase, amplitude, fabric, facebook, AppsFlyer) and for the introduction of advertising in applications IronSource (reward, interstitial) and Google Ads.
– I worked with crash logs (symbolization decryption, troubleshooting, application optimization).
– Participation in settings and configs in CI/CD and CL (Continuous Localisation).
– Worked with Appstoreconnect, iOS Provisioning Portal (publishing applications, passing moderation)
– UI animations pulsing buttons with waves and transitions.
– Implemented stream services audio, video (AVFoundation), push notifications, background notifications. – Work with VPN and network connections.

01.2014 - 01.2018
4 years

CO-Founder, CEO

IDF COMPANY, idfc.ru, Moscow, Russia. It is hard to describe what my role is really was because when you are a founder in your own company, the first year you doing almost all.
– I was as an accountant, head of sales (which was also main salesman), head of engineering (which was also a developer), project manager, product manager, etc.
– In meetings, I could design a prototype of a proposed product in 15 minutes, which changed by no more than 20% during development, so accurately did they reproduce the customer's wishes. I did this with Axure, and later in Figma.
– Started our own hosting from the previous company where I successfully launched such a project. We organized our own hosting, bought a powerful server and placed it in the datacenter, so all our clients used our hosting and support after product development. This allowed us to receive up to 30% additional profit.
– Developed and implement our soft own single window communication system with clients, the client's personal account, where they created a request ticket, we quickly evaluated them, and transferred them to development, they watched their statuses, may ask questions, and they could get all the documentation there. Customers could also pay for our services online there. This automated our work by 80%, several customers liked our system so much that they asked to implement it to them, so we sold 10 copies of our own product and implemented it in their companies.
– Started our cloud service http://cloud-bots.ru We also started working with freelance employees, who shared the problem of finding projects. Then I came up with the idea to automate this, we created an online service that helped freelancers find projects, respond to them on their behalf, and the freelancer only had to choose who to work with. The service has already been used by more than 1000 customers, some of them still use it. My friends still run this service.

01.2013 - 01.2014
1 year

Software Engineer PHP

Studiobit, studiobit.ru, Moscow, Russia. I worked as a web fullstack developer, mostly with CMS 1C-Bitrix and Bitrix24.
– I started the project for launch own hosting department in the company, to move web applications from external hosting to our internal, this decreased costs in hundreds of dollars per month and allowed to start offering new services for clients and increased revenue much more with an offer to clients hosting and supporting their web-applications monthly, not only one payment for single development.
– I was very attentive to customers tasks and many companies wrote thank-you reviews, which are still published on the main page of this company with point my name.

01.2003 - 01.2014
11 years

Software Engineer HTML/CSS/PHP (remote)

I was working on freelance developing web applications from the easiest personal pages to online shops and CRM and ERP systems. The most used CMS was 1C-Bitrix, Bitrix24, WordPress, Joomla. The most used frameworks was Laravel, Angular, Bootstrap. I integrated some APIs with web applications like DPD, PonyExpress, PEK, DHL and payments Sberbank, Tinkoff, Promsvyazbank, AlfaBank, PayPal, Robokassa, Moneta, etc. I worked as a fullstack developer, for backend i used PHP and Python (Django), for frontend HTLM, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery). I worked with SQL databases with ORM (goDB) and No-SQL MongoDB, for last projects it was PostgreSQL.

2008 - 2012

Bachelor of engineering

Rosnou, Moscow, Russia. Information systems and computer technologies.

2004 - 2008

Vocational education

MGGPK, Moscow, Russia. Automated information processing and control systems.

Portfolio (Appstore)

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  • Transport
  • Network
  • Entertainment
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Sketch, Figma, Zeplin
C, C++, Objective-C

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